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Shenzhen Hengji Environmental Protection Technology Development Co., Ltd. Was established in 2006 in Shenzhen, with advanced technical resources, excellent supply management and unique business philosophy and over the years we have focused on the development of new energy sources, providing the most effective solutions for environmental protection projects and Service!

Shenzhen Hengji Environmental Protection Technology Development Co., owns LED series products, experienced domestic and foreign technical teams for the project development to the supply of materials, strict audit and for the cost accounting to quality control, we make the most Optimize! In recent years, we have also set up R&D centers in European Associated Specialty Companies, and R&D combined with market demand, we are constantly in learning the latest and most advanced environmental technology and have the most effective solutions and efficient products, constantly improve and improve the services. Not only become the best supplier to customers, but also make development of the company's technology in the field of environmental protection better.

Good management, science and technology and high quality go firstly at us!

Resource Advantages
Why to us?
We are in focus on environmental protection energy projects for more than 20 years of service.
Good corporate credit
Save manpower, time, resources, procurement costs
Unified Supplier Management and Settlement
Guaranteed quality and quantity, delivery at fixed time and point
Excellent after-sales service
We have an experienced team of experts in the field of green energy.
Photovoltaic solar energy, wind energy, thermal energy, waste incineration in one-stop to material research and development service
Many domestic and foreign partners, such as aerospace, Selafur
Have Schneider Electric、solaredge、Akcome、Kstar、Mibet Energy、 cooperative partner
Product Inspection Report
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Shenzhen Hengji Environmental Technology Development Co., Ltd.